Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 2007

It is a wet cold afternoon and so I thought it must be time to update everyone.
We have received confirmation for the British High Commission that Lionel is eligible for UK Ancestry and we have received entry clearance through until 1/1/2013.
So our adventure is real!
Lionel has started a new job - a 6month contract with the local health board and so that will keep him busy for the next few months. He will get 2 weeks off over Christmas to enjoy our holiday home in Cromwell. For those of you who know Lionel - his major packing job is books and so he is beginning to think about what he is going to pack away, what to store on the shelves in Cromwell, and which (very few) paperbacks he might take with him for reading on planes.

Amanda is on the count down for the farm sale - getting stock organised etc. It is much easier with it passing on to family but there are still plenty of things to think about! My main travel thoughts in the next couple of weeks are about booking flights and starting to get accommodation sorted.

Rebecca & Josh are continuing on with school, Rebecca's swimming season is just beginning and so that will be busy over the next few months. They are both playing touch this year and so that takes care of Friday afternoons.