Monday, October 12, 2009

A house and a school!

We finally found a house we really liked and our application to rent it was we move in at Labour weekend (25 October). We will be out in Springston which is a rural community about 10 minutes south of Christchurch so we are really looking forward to moving in there. It has 3 large bedrooms, so there are definately options for visitors, and a lovely living area with a multi-fuel burner which will be great in the winter. The living area opens out onto the deck and back yard - just right for the BBQ season!

Rebecca & Josh have their first day at Springston School today - a bit of a shock after nearly 3 months on holiday! Rebecca will finish the year there before going to Lincoln High School next year and Josh is in Year 7 so he will also be at Springston next year. There are about 180 students in the Year 0-8 school, 7 classrooms, large grounds and swimming pool. We got a very warm welcome and so I think the kids will do well there. Rebecca isn't looking forward to the fact that they have athletics next week (but at least it will be over with and then they start swimming).

Lionel is still job hunting but plenty of jobs advertised and he is starting to get some response so life is good! Lionel & I are just going out for coffee so catch you later!
Email me for address and phone numbers!

A week at the farm

It was still school holidays here and Lionel didn't have any interviews lined up so last week we headed down to the farm for a few days.
It was great to dig some of our old clothes out of the container and get into the gumboots (for those of you in the UK that is wellies!) Mum had lots of food for us and we really enjoyed a roast meal on our first night home - meat straight from the farm! Rebecca & Josh also spent lots of time in the kitchen with mum baking chocolate chip biscuits, ANZAC biscuits and lots of other goodies.
We caught up with some of our Dipton friends, but the time was short and so we will see everyone else when we are down at Christmas time. It was great to see my brother and his family - they moved into our house when we left and it was interesting to see all the changes they have made to the house. The kids think the addition of a spa pool was the best thing they have done!
The first morning Lionel & Rebecca went out with Dad and had a drive around the farm checking the sheep and looking at all the changes involved in the dairy conversion - Lionel was sorry to see many of the fences that he had spent hours putting up have now gone...but he has moved on! Rebecca really enjoyed seeing all the lambs out in the paddocks. Josh & I also went out with Dad and Josh had some special time with Granddad learning how to use the rifle. That night we went out rabbit shooting and Josh shot his first rabbit (life on the farm with an 11 year old boy).
It was a great few days in the country air!