Thursday, October 30, 2008

6 months in England

It is 6 months since we arrived in England - hard to some ways it feels like last week that we left NZ (it was snowing then too!) and in other ways it feels like we have been here for much longer. I asked everyone what they missed the most about NZ and what they most like about being here, so here goes...
Everyone misses friends and family and we wish you were all close by, but we are also enjoying getting to know new people.
Lionel...misses the scenery in NZ and looking out onto the mountains, hills, river and paddocks BUT he is enjoying being able to go to places like Twickenham, Millenium Stadium and he loved our weekend in Paris. Of course Lionel is also enjoying the bookshops and accessibility to a much wider range of reading.
Amanda...misses the big, starry night sky BUT is enjoying being able to go to a variety of shows, events and places.
Rebecca...wishes that the people, the farm, the Oreti River and Lake Dunstan could be shifted over here so that they are close to her new friends and she never wants to shift again.
Joshua...misses the open spaces and the country side in New Zealand and he can't wait to go back to NZ BUT he does like the massive shopping malls (if not the crowds) and the good prices (especially of books and play station games).

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