Friday, November 14, 2008

Rebecca's Weekend Away

Hey Guys! Hows things? I've been away in the Forest Of Dean or somewhere near there for the weekend with the edge, my youth group. We had a lot of fun and it was really good 'cos my mate Poppy was there too. On the Friday we were driving up there in mini-buses which was quite an adventure - me and Poppy were navigating and managed to get our van lost! On the Friday night after we arrived we had tea and played a couple of fun outdoor games like Capture The Flag. We then watched a movie which didn't finish until 12.00am or thereabouts! We didn't get to sleep until bout 3.30 that night! The next day we got up for breakfast at 8.00. After breakfast we had a talk on the Lord's Prayer from one of the leaders, Michael. After that we had 1/2 an hours free time. After our free time we had lunch and then after lunch we had a choice of activity. Me and some other friends of mine chose to do the photo challenge. It was really fun you had a series of things you had to do/find and capture on camera. After the activity we had some time to start getting ready for the formal dinner that night. After about an hour we had another talk about a different part of the Lord's Prayer this time from Rob another leader. After the talk had finished it was time to go get ready for the dinner properly. Dan, the main leader told us who we'd been paired with to go to the dinner and then we all went and got changed. The boys then escorted us to the dinner room in the other building. When we got there it had been all done up nicely, before dinner we had to have our photos taken. When the photos were done we went through to the dining room and sat down. The boys all had to go and get our meals and then we ate. After our main course there was a yummy dessert which the boys also had to fetch. After dessert we went back to the main building and changed out of our good clothes. The older kids (yr10 and up) went on a night hike but anyone younger than that had to stay behind and watch a movie. After the movie finished at 10 we were all sent to bed. We didn't go to sleep until around midnight though. The night hike people arrived back at 2 but didn't come to bed until around 3. On Sunday we didn't get up until 8.30 and breakfast was very unorganized. After breakfast we started cleaning the rooms out, then at 10 we went to the lounge in the other building for Hannah's talk. Hannah's talk lasted approximately an hour. After Hannah's talk the youth band, all of whom were on the camp did a few songs which was good. Very loud though! When the band had finished we had to continue packing and cleaning. In the end we left at about 3pm. Poppy and I were navigating again and somehow managed to take us on a detour to Wales! The journey back wasn't too bad, everyone was quite tired so it wasn't as loud as the trip up. We got home at around 6pm, which was on schedule.
That was basically the edge weekend away! So see ya later!
Rebecca x

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