Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day in London

Yesterday (30th) we spent the day in London. Lionel and Josh have been really looking forward to this trip as they have been wanting to visit the 7-storey Waterstones book shop...and yes they did manage to spend lots of money! We were lucky to get Lionel out the door so that we could get to the Garrick Theatre - he would have been quite happy camping there for the rest of our time in the UK!
We went to 'Zorro' at the theatre and all thoroughly enjoyed this show with fantastic characters as well as lots of aerial stunts, sword fights and pyrotechnics.
Josh: the show was really interesting and fun, my favourite bits were when there were 7 Zorros on stage and lots of sword fighting, favourite character - Sergeant Garcia.
Lionel: non-stop entertainment, I loved the sets and the magic bits especially when Zorro disappeared, favourite character Zorro.
Rebecca: loved the Spanish music, dancing & and costumes, favourite character Inez.
Amanda loved the whole entertainment package - music, set changes, sword fighting and my favourite character was Inez.

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