Monday, January 19, 2009

Rebecca & Josh at school

Rebecca & Josh started back at school on January 5th for the second term of a 3 term year.
Rebecca is at The Vyne Community School which is a co-ed comprehensive school, for ages 11-16, in the centre of Basingstoke. Chineham is in the catchment area for The Vyne and so there is a school bus service which Rebecca uses. The Vyne was opened as a school in 1555 and the buildings which are used now were built in 1940. The Vyne is a specialist 'College of Performing Arts' and so has extremely good teachers and facilities in art, music and drama. The school day finishes at 2.40 and then there is a session until 4pm where pupils can be involved in extra activities - of course Rebecca is fully involved and on Tuesday has entered a cooking competition where they learn skills throughout the term and then have to present a 3 course meal (working with a partner), on Wednesday she has acting academy, on Thursday is hockey! Outside of school hours she has swimming on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; waterpolo on Friday and on Tuesday she also has puppet group and a youth cell group at church!
It is a busy life...
Rebecca coming home from school - don't you dare take my photo!

Josh is at Four Lanes Community School which is a Year 3-6 junior school in Chineham and is only a 5 minute walk from home. He has a fantastic teacher and, although he complains about getting up and having to go to school, he is being stimulated beyond what I could do at home. The school environment is challenging him to look outside of himself and he is learning to get along with a variety of kids his own age. Josh is in Year 6 and so he is one of the big boys in the school, he has only been there for 2 weeks and so is still finding his feet. Josh is also involved in the church puppet group and he goes to fencing on a Wednesday night.
Josh ready for school on his first day.

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