Friday, February 6, 2009

The Big Freeze

The headline in the Basingstoke Gazette yesterday was 'The Big Freeze' and that sums up our week.
* Snow causes chaos on roads
* Businesses and public transport are hard-hit
* Scores of local schools are closed
* And there could be more snow on the way!
Monday and Tuesday were quite fun with lots of the nice white fluffy stuff and the kids were out enjoying it with their friends. Wednesday saw Rebecca & Josh back to school and the sun came out briefly, turning everything to slush. Thursday was really icy and Rebecca was gutted that she had to go to school but Josh got a day off. Friday today and it is bitterly cold - both the kids are back at school (Josh had a 10am start) but looking at the weather now I should probably have just kept them at home! There is more snow falling and I don't think the temperature has made it over 0 degrees today.
There is lots of discussion about how England has ground to a halt because of the weather this week, but how can you respond to weather which happens only once every 20 years or so. In fact I don't think North Hampshire has ever been hit by snow like this!
We are well and truely over these freezing conditions now and hope that it clears up over the weekend and next week as we head to Cornwall on Saturday 14th for a week!
It is hard to believe that Australian friends and family are suffering heat wave conditions with temperatures over 40 degrees...

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