Monday, May 4, 2009

Duxford Air Museum

Lionel & Josh looking over one of the display areas
written by Lionel...
On Saturday we drove up to Duxford (not far from Cambridge) to visit the air museum.
There were some great interactive displays about understanding flight and piloting which Rebecca & Josh spent ages on.
It was amazing to be able to touch aircraft that have always only been pictures in a book or on a wall or a screen. Particularly for Lionel the SR71 Blackbird the holder of altitude and speed records for horizontal flight. The range of aircraft at Duxford is diverse and spread over seven display areas and a number of aircraft outside as well. Ranging from history of British and Commonwealth aircraft, including comprehensive WW 2 display and conservation areas to today, plus American aircraft based in the UK and a Land Warfare including a Normandy experience. A day with an especially big tick for Lionel.


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