Friday, September 4, 2009

Italy so far...

Relaxing by the pool - Jane pouring another glass of Chianti (you just have to do it when you are in the Chianti region) and Rebecca & Hannah poolside.

We are at the end of our last full day at Sommavilla and we have enjoyed a very relaxing day (but are sick of doing the 'Aussie wave' to get rid of the flies). It has been quite a bit cooler today - mid 20's and so there has been lots of reading done and the internet has been off all day so we are only just able to get onto the computer now.

It is 2 weeks today until we land in New Zealand and so we are looking forward to that, but I am waiting patiently (OK not so patiently) to hear back from a lady about a house to rent. We will also be on the hunt for jobs and cars once we get back - at least we have somewhere to stay for the first 9 nights! We were also delighted to hear the news that James & Jo Finlayson (friends in Christchurch) have just had a little boy, Nico, and so we are looking forward to meeting him!

The temperatures in Italy have been hotter than we expected and being Southlanders who have lived in England for the past 17 months, we didn't always cope well when the temperature rose over 40 degrees and up over 44 degrees! Gelato and lemon flavoured shaved ice helped, as did the many drinking fountains in Italian towns but the men in the family did not enjoy the heat.

It has been great having villas to base ourselves in over the last 3 weeks and really good to be with Jane & Hannah and Malcolm, but the next 9 days until we cross back over into England are going to be at a faster pace. We decided that we couldn't be this close to Rome and not visit... I know that 'Rome wasn't built in a day' but we are going to try and see some of it in a day and a half! We leave Sommavilla tomorrow (Saturday) morning and drive down to Rome visiting Vatican City in the afternoon. On Sunday we will spend the day checking out some of the sights of Rome and then on Monday morning leave Rome to drive up to Venice where we will have two nights. After that it is a bit vague but we will have a couple of nights in Amsterdam and a night in Brugge before crossing over from Calais on Monday 14th...

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