Saturday, May 10, 2008


It has been a week of getting ourselves sorted out for life in England - house hunting, car buying etc.
As you have already read we have found ourselves a house in Chineham, Basingstoke, and are looking forward to moving in on the 14th.
Finding accommodation for the week between leaving London and moving into the house was a bit more stressful - we spent many hours on the phone looking for something and finally ended up with a B&B out in the Hampshire countryside for 3nights and a hotel for 4nights. The B&B was great with huge lawns and a rural outlook. We made use of the lawns with some games of cricket and some fresh air. However it has been quite hot (and unusally humid) and so not too much running around was done!

Today (Saturday) we have been car hunting and have bought ourselves a Peugeot (I will have to wait until Josh is with me to give any more details than that!)

We are looking forward to moving into our house as that will give us some more stability and we will begin to feel more settled (we are a bit sick of living out of suitcases).

Josh has just told me that the car is a Peugeot 307 station wagon and Rebecca adds that it has a sun roof!

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