Thursday, May 22, 2008


This week Amanda, Rebecca & Josh went to Stonehenge for a visit - I expected some expensive touristy site but actually it wasn't too bad and we enjoyed our afternoon. There weren't many people there - it certainly helps being able to go to these places during the week and out of 'tourist season'.
Josh is listening to the audio tour at Stonehenge

On a personal note: Lionel didn't come to Stonehenge with us because he had some interviews - no job as yet, so keep praying!
Rebecca has joined a swimming club - swimming 3x a week in Basingstoke, she really enjoyed getting back into the pool and is with a nice group of kids.
Rebecca also loved the youth group at church and is making some friends.
Josh is getting on well and we are waiting for the cricket season to get him involved in a club.
Amanda has started schooling the kids (going well but waiting for our shipped stuff to arrive).

Life here is going well and we are looking forward to seeing Steve sometime in the next couple of weeks!

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