Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2nd

Hi, we are alive and well - thanks to those people who sent texts re our lack of is good to know you have been checking!

Unfortunately we still have no internet connection at home...this week hopefully (these things take time!) However the good news is that we have a landline connection now so if you would like the number just text or email and I will get it to you.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet but Lionel has been busy chasing agencies and things are starting to happen now. On Thursday he has an interview for a job in Chineham - only 5 minutes from home so that would be amazing.

Our shipped stuff arrives tomorrow and so we are really looking forward to that - especially our bikes. Of course, the kids are looking forward to Maths and English resources arriving! School is going well and the kids computer skills are quite amazing as they explore different programmes - Josh has put together an amazing power point presentation on the James Bond cars and gadgets which we saw down at the Beaulieu Motor Museum and Rebecca has done a great guide book on Stonehenge.

We have had a second trip down to the Beaulieu Motor Museum when they had a Trucks & Troops Military Display. It was a fantastic day out with lots of military equipment (guns of all shapes and sizes) and vehicles. Josh got to sit in the commanders seat of a Leopard tank which he thought was pretty cool. Rebecca & Josh also got to dress up in camo gear and go out on patrol with some soldiers - they spent most of the day doing this. (Benjamin you would have loved this and Rebecca & Josh talked about you all day....they will write to you about it once we have the internet at home and send you some photos). We also got to see (and most importantly hear) a howitzer being fired - VERY loud.

It was really good to catch up with Steve last week - quite amazing seeing a friend from home, it really didn't feel like we were on the other side of the world! We are going down to Cornwall this weekend to spend some more time with him. While down in Cornwall we are going to visit The Eden Project and Polperro. There is a Smugglers museum at Polperro which the kids are quite intrigued by. I also hope to get them out walking along the cliffs on the South West Coast Path (hopefully the weather holds up.)

We have been to a couple of local churches and have meet some really nice people - some I am sure will become friends! I think we will probably make Christ Church, Chineham, our church family - not too different to what we have been used to at Balfour (just a bit bigger). Rebecca is right into the Youth Group which runs on a Sunday night - they have studies, worship times and party nights. It is run by a great couple and generally have about 30 young people aged 11-18.

I guess we have been doing more than I thought...we will get some photos up once we have the internet on at home.


Jane said...
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Jane said...

Hi Graves Family. Great to read all your news. Sounds like you are settling in well.
I am new at this leaving comments to blogs - deleted my first comment (in case it still says one comment was deleted)
All well in Wallace City - except its quite chilly.
Keep in touch.