Saturday, June 21, 2008


We are really starting to feel at home here and Friday had the feel of being involved in the community and starting to be settled.

In the afternoon I was invited along to a ladies group from church, which is a social gathering which happens some Friday afternoons. Rebecca & Josh came along too, and there were some other kids there as the junior part of the Christian School have Friday afternoons off. It was good to meet some other ladies and have an afternoon out.

Then it was off the the Aquadrome for Rebecca to play waterpolo. She is really enjoying this, but is still a bit tentative as she is unsure of the rules - it won't take her long and then she will be in the midst of it all!

After waterpolo it was off to Lionel's work place where they were hold there summer BBQ. They put on an amazing spread of food and there was entertainment for young and old. The kids enjoyed this amazing soccer game where they rode on electic carts in the form of soccer balls, they were in an enclosed area and had to get a giant sized soft soccer ball into goals at each end. There was also giant sized 'connect 4' and chess, table soccer, and a coconut shy. Josh managed to knock 3 coconuts off and so we came home with them...what to do with 3 coconuts (anyone know how to open coconuts???) The kids were delighted to see the ice cream van arrive for dessert.

Unfortunately the English BBQ season is a bit like Southland (you can't always guarantee good weather), and after lots of hot sunny days it was cool and damp! Nevermind we made the most of it.

Rebecca is away ice skating with youth group on Sunday afternoon and then the week will begin again.
Josh will have cricket practice again on Monday night at Old Basing. It was his first time last week and he found it hard when he had to bat with all the gear on (gloves, pads and helmet) but with practice it will get easier. He & Lionel are currently sitting at the table working on a model tank which Josh bought - it is a very delicate process with lots of little pieces!

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