Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lionel Has A Job

On Thursday Lionel had his first actual job interview, and he has the job as an Interim Accountant doing budgets and forecasts for a commercial business right here in Chineham. It is a 6 month contract and he is really pleased with it as a first job in the UK - it will give him great experience and is an extremely good rate of pay. The best thing is that it is only a 10 minute walk from home and so most mornings Lionel walks to work and he walks home at night. The company he is working for is a Japanese Multi-national making compressors for car air conditioning units. Lionel is doing the budgets and forecasts for the European arm of the company, which is based in Germany.

He is pleased to be working again (after 8 weeks on holiday!) and it is good to have some pounds coming into the bank account. Rebecca is excited about that too, as it means she can start getting her allowance...

We are really pleased with our house - it is in Chineham which is a suburb of Basingstoke and has a really nice village feel to it. There are lots of wooded areas with pathways through them and we can walk down to the shopping centre without going on too many roads. The village hall has a large play ground and playing field and so we often take the cricket gear down there and have a hit around - this usually ends up involving several local boys as well and we have had some NZ vs England cricket matches (we did better than the Black Caps!)

Our house is detached (not one of those Coronation St terraces...) and has a small back yard. We have 4 bedrooms (so room for visitors) and 2 reception rooms (that just means a separate living room and dining room). The dining room has French doors out onto a paved area and the back lawn so we have plenty of space to spread out.

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