Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tower of London

On Tuesday Rebecca, Josh and Amanda headed into London on the train - the fast train from Basingstoke to London only takes about 50 minutes and so it isn't a bad trip.

We have been wanting to go to the Tower of London and enjoyed our time here - the guided tour with a 'Beefeater' (Yeoman Warder) was very interesting. We were surprised how big the complex is once you get inside and we spent ages inside. Getting to see the Crown Jewels was amazing with lots of gold, silver and huge jewels and diamonds on display. We also enjoyed the armoury with huge displays of swords, rifles and armour. We walked up and down lots of spiral staircases and we explored the many towers and also had fun walking along the top of the walls.

We were all hot and tired at the end of our day in London and were pleased to get back on the train and head home!

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