Friday, June 27, 2008

Rebecca's Birthday

We have a 12 year old in the house!!

Rebecca's birthday celebrations started on Wednesday when Ellie, a swimming friend, came over after school. The girls had a good time together and they made pizzas for tea followed by birthday cake. Ellie added a large round hedgehog to Rebecca's soft toy collection.
Josh added to Rebecca's book collection with 'The Killing' from the Cherub series and we added to Rebecca's cell phone fund with some money. We also gave Rebecca tickets to 'High School Musical' at the theatre and so Amanda & Rebecca will have a girls night out in London on July 5.

Tomorrow Rebecca & I head up to Birmingham to pick up Zara who is coming to stay for the weekend and so Rebecca is really excited about seeing a Dipton friend. She is also looking forward to taking Zara along to Youth Group to meet some of her English friends!

Rebecca has really enjoyed all the cards, emails, gifts and telephone calls which she has received. Thanks so much to everyone for making this a really special day even though we are so far away!

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