Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scrapheap Challenge

Josh's school organised a scrapheap challenge family day, based on the popular TV series, and so Josh got a team together and along we went. We were presented with a pile of scrap, a set of instructions and 4 hours to complete the challenge.
Our pile of scrap

Our pile of scrap consisted of bike frames, chains, bike wheels, bike tyres, wood, rope, nails, screws and some plant pots.
Our instructions were to create something which would turn the turbine we were given, the only rule being that it had to have both a horizontal drive and a vertical drive.

The destruction phase
Josh, Trevor & Lionel drew up a plan and got building. Rebecca & I did what we were asked to and Finlay had a great time creating all sorts of other things. Josh had a great time with the wood, nails and tools - he has really missed being able to build stuff!
Construction begins...

We created a great machine which worked!

Josh explains to Andy how it works

The challenge was judged by Andy, who was a member of the 'Cops & Bodgers' team from the television series.

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