Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a week...

After a great weekend last weekend we have felt a bit flat this week with a letter from the landlord terminating our contract as he is coming back from Dubai. He would like us to move out on 13 June, but we have requested an extension until 25 July which would take us to the end of the school year for the kids. We have had a verbal agreement to this but are waiting for the official paperwork. This came as a real shock to us as we really were not expecting it...however it has helped us to make some decisions.
The work situation is really tight and it doesn't look like Lionel will get his contract extended past the end of April (we are still praying) and it is proving very slow finding other work...he just needs something until 25 July and we will be happier.
At this stage we are planning on leaving the UK on about 26 July and heading to France with the car and our tent (free camping is legal in France). We will find some nice rivers and beaches and camp our way around France until we meet our friends in Italy on 16 August, where we have villa accommodation paid for until 5 September.
I am going to book our flights back to NZ this week and you should see us mid-late September!

Apart from that we are enjoying life - Vanessa came and stayed the night on Wednesday and we went down to Salisbury on Thursday and visited the cathedral. Salisbury is a lovely city and the cathedral was very impressive. We were going to do something outside in the countryside guessed it - the weather was wet and cold!
Rebecca is off to London tomorrow on a school trip to St Paul's Cathedral and she is also getting ready for her ski trip which leaves on Friday. She had a disappointment this week when her best friend had to pull out of the ski trip because she broke her wrist. Rebecca will still have a great time but it is more fun skiing with a friend (I'm looking forward to more ski trips Cindy).
Josh is counting down the days until the holidays and is off to Legoland with a friend next Saturday - this is something he has wanted to do for months!

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