Monday, April 20, 2009

One whole year...

Yesterday was 19 April....12 months since we left New Zealand. Wow, the time really has flown by and we have done so much in 12 months!
Saturday was 18 April...5 months until we arrive back in New Zealand. So much to pack into such a short time!

We had bad news about our house just before Easter - the landlord does want us to move out on 13 June and so that means finding somewhere else to stay for 6 weeks until Rebecca & Josh finish school. Our initial reaction was shock and disbelief that this was happening but we are pretty much resigned to it now and can see that it will make it easier to tidy up final gas, electric, phone bills etc. It is fairly difficult to find short term rentals but we have a notice in the church bulletin and keep checking the local newspaper - in the worst case scenario we could stay in a serviced apartment (pretty expensive option but it could be fun!)
On a more positive note it looks like Lionel will get some more weeks work at his current place so that takes the pressure off a bit! - Just waiting for the big boss to approve it.

Rebecca & Josh are back into school for the final term of the year. Josh has a busy first couple of weeks working towards his SATs which take place the week of 11 May, then he will enjoy a relaxed final few weeks.
Rebecca has had her exams and so she will just continue to enjoy all the opportunities that come her way...

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