Saturday, April 11, 2009

Skiing in Italy

ABOVE: my skiing group.
BELOW: me at the end of the slalom race we did.

Yes it's me, Becca, again, mum's got me writing about my 'adventures' (her words not mine) on this blog again!
Actually this time adventure is probably quite a good word as I've been in Italy for a week, on the school ski trip!

We left on Friday the 3 April from my school (the Vyne Community School) for a 20hr coach journey...yes i DID say 20hrs! We were taking the EuroTunnel to get into France and we caught the train with no problems, on the train we were allowed off the coach to walk around etc.
We exited the Tunnel in France, watched a movie and then got ready for a restless night trying to sleep on the coach! We arrived at the OlympiCentre (our hotel) at approx midday on Saturday. We got assigned our rooms and got ourselves cleaned up before we got our boots/skis/poles fitted at about 3.
We then walked into the small village to have a quick look around before our evening meal at 7.15. Our meal was roast potato chips, pasta and breaded meat with fruit of your choice available for dessert.
On Sunday morning we got woken up at 7.30 for breakfast at 8, then we left for skiing at around 9 i think...not quite sure of the time. Our skiing lesson began at 10 on the Sansicario resort. My instructor was called Fabio and he was very good. Our lunch break was from 12-1 and then we had another 2hrs skiing before heading back to the hotel. That evening we had a quiz which my team came 3rd in.
Tuesday was the same as Monday except that we went swimming at a pool about 1/2 an hour away for our evening activity. That was fun, I raced a few people and won. :)
On Wednesday we took a trip to a neighboring mountain to try some new slopes, we
had a lot of fun! We took a gondola and 2 chairlifts to get from our hotel to the top of the other mountain. At the top of the other mountain it was very foggy...we couldn't see anything at all, everything was white, you couldn't tell the snow from the sky! The fog soon cleared however as the sun came out and we skied down the mountain. We had lunch as usual except on the other mountain (we got packed lunches from the hotel everyday) and then spent half the afternoon skiing on the mountain and the other half getting back to our hotel. That evening we went to a local restaurant and had a pizza. The restaurant and pizzas were both very nice and we had a great time!
Thursday was just a normal day like Monday and Tuesday and in the evening we were meant to be going to a disco but it didn't work out so we stayed at the hotel and had a nice relaxing night playing games instead.
Friday (our last day :( ) there was some frenzied packing going on in the morning before we went out to the slopes! On the slopes my group and I skied a black slope for the first time - black is the hardest sort of slope - we found it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
Back at the hotel we all rushed to have showers and finish packing before our early evening meal at 5.30. By 6 we were all cleared out of our rooms and ready to begin the long coach journey home. At about 5 past 6 we left for the 20hr ride home!
We all slept much better as we were a) used to the coach and b)very tired! we watched 3 movies (st. trinians (amazing movie), dumb + dumber and hairspray). Unfortunately we arrived at the EuroTunnel about 3hrs early for our train so we had a long wait there but once through the tunnel it was a short two hours home!
FYI there was a day we went shopping as our evening activity but I cant remember which night it was so although all the activities listed we did do we also somehow found time to go for a 40min drive to go shopping in France one evening! And we went shopping one afternoon in Italy as well but that was before our evening activity and I cant remember which day. Actually both shopping trips might have been evening activities... I really cant remember!

That was Becca reporting on the Vyne school ski trip to Italy... WOO! Oh and i would just like to say that my bestie Rachael was meant to be coming with me but she broke her arm a week before we left so everybody needs to think of her when they read this :)

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it blah blah blah all that stuff and SEE YOU...until mum thinks I've done something ELSE worthy of going on the blog and drags me back here again...

Love you all Becca =]

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