Saturday, August 15, 2009

Albine, Languedoc Region

Wednesday 5 August – Monday 9 August
We arrived at a lovely country side campsite in the mountains of the Languedoc at around lunch time.
It was really hot so we got the tents out to dry off and then it was straight into the pool to cool down. We spent a lot of time in the pool over the five days at this site – especially the first two days when the temperature got up to 38 degrees.
This was a very relaxing time and we spent lots of time reading, swimming, playing table tennis and playing badminton.
On Saturday we went into Mazamet for the local marche (farmers market) and we bought some lovely fresh fruit, jambon (ham) and fromage (cheese).
We are still loving the bread deliveries at the camp site in the mornings and baguettes, boules and pain au choclat are still the favourites. [Bread...favorite?? not so much! Over that like a week ago! Added by Rebecca] The kids would also say that they are over pasta...but I have enjoyed our pasta meals – especially when I add mushrooms, tomato, courgette and ham! We did enjoy going out to a local restaurant though where we had a steak and chips!
The last couple of days at Albine were quite drizzly and so not so pleasant, especially since we only have the small tents, and it did make packing up a bit of a trial...however we had greater trials to come!
We left Albine on Monday with the plan of heading to St Etienne and having a night in a hotel before heading through the Mt Blanc tunnel...that was not to be!

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