Saturday, August 15, 2009


The family, with the Eiger in the background
Thursday 13 August –Friday 14 August
It was just amazing to see Jane & Hannah and unbelievable that we are here in Switzerland together! Rebecca & Hannah have hardly stopped talking since we arrived two days ago.
On Thursday we caught the cable car from Lauterbrunnen up to Grutschalp and then walked to Murren. The views were just staggering and we stopped and looked across the valley to the Eiger and the Jungfrau mountains. It was spectacular walking along the mountain paths, through the forests, beside the fields, past streams, with mountains towering over us and cable cars going across above us.
We stopped at a small stream at one stage and refilled our water bottles with ice cold water straight off the mountains.
After a picnic lunch we walked along to Blumental where we got the cable car down to Gimmelwald. The cable car trips have been very spectacular and they climb and descend very steep mountains – makes the gondola at Queenstown feel like a very small hill!
We walked back to Lauterbrunnen on a track which followed alongside a glacial river. At one stage we crossed over a stream which we had a paddle in – very refreshing on hot, tired feet!
We are staying in a cabin here and so it was very nice to roll into bed tonight and rest our weary bodies.
Rebecca & Hannah up the Jungfrau Josh 'bum boarding'
On Friday we went up the Jungfrau. This is a trip which I regret missing 24 years ago when I was a young thing touring Europe and it was great to be able to do it this time around. The Jungfraujoch is 11,333ft (3454m) and so when we were up there we were nearly at the height of Mt Cook!
It took nearly 2 hours in two different trains to get up to the top and the views were spectacular down the glacier and across the other mountains, including the Eiger. Queenstown has spectacular scenery but this makes Queenstown look small.
Hey it's Becca here now, I'm to tell you about when Josh, Hannah and I went 'bum-boarding'! It was one of the free activities up the mountain, where you slide down a track on the top of the glacier whilst sitting on small plastic disks. After a few people wiped out on the track it got a bit bumpy, so when Hannah and I went down after this man we went over a large lump of snow, the landing was EXTREMELY painful - we honestly thouight we'd broken our tailbones!! So yeh anyway we had a great time, even if it did result in a few days of discomfort!

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Dean Comerford said...

Great to catch up on your travels. Sad to hear about teh car troubles. Terrified to hear about the gondola!!! Must go and tell Tania about teh hot weather you have had - she won't belive that you are still in Europe (she still thinks it all looks like Coronation Street).