Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A 12 year old in the house

It hardly seems 12 years since I was in Southland Hospital with this little (well not so little) bundle of joy. One of Josh's great delights of the past year is that he is no longer the shortest in the family - yes, I hold that honour and will for the rest of my life! So much has happened for Josh in the time since he took Adam & Isaac to the Aquadrome in Basingstoke for his 11th birthday and it feels like last week...

This year Josh took a school friend, Taylor, to QE 2 pool and they had heaps of fun on the water slides, in the rapids and in the wave pool. Of course they were hungry after all that water and so it was off to McDonalds to re-energise.

Josh is still into his lego and Star Wars and so he was delighted to receive a new lego kit which we had bought in England and shipped back. He also loves his cricket and so a new cricket hat from Rebecca was gratefully received.

Only 3 weeks left of school before we head into the Summer holidays and so we are looking forward to that and a trip south for Christmas.

On the job front...Lionel is still applying for jobs and has been encouraged this week by some positive responses, now they just need to turn into a job!

I have had some relieving and have applied for some part-time teaching for next year so we will see what happens with that.

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