Thursday, February 18, 2010

New school year

Rebecca & Josh have been back at school for a couple of weeks now so here is their schol update for 2010.
Rebecca is in Year 9 at Lincoln High School and is well ready for the challenges of high school in New Zealand. For the first couple of days the Year 9's enjoyed having the school and teachers pretty much to themselves. Their Year 13 peer support students were there to help them learn their way around and get used to life at Lincoln. Lincoln High School has about 1500 students, with about 330 in Year 9, so it is quite a large school and most students travel to school by bus - after school there are 23 buses there to transport students home! Rebecca has excellent teachers who are going to challenge her (I don't know she is terribly excited about that) and she is enjoying picking up French again. Her one disappointment is that there are not enough people interested in playing waterpolo so there is no Lincoln High team - we are trying to work out other options to get her playing. School swimming sports were held last week and Rebecca is going to the Canterbury Secondary School swimming champs - prelims next week.

Josh is in Year 8 at Springston School and is enjoying being one of the big kids at the school - however he didn't enjoy the first couple of days where they had to do lots of activities with their 5 year old buddies...little kids do not excite Josh! He is really enjoying playing cricket and the school has the Milo Cricket competition next week. For the winter season Josh has just signed up to play rugby for Springston so he is looking forward to that. Since he was interested in playing rugby we took him to the optometrist to find out about contact lenses and so for the past week he has been getting used to wearing them. He is doing really well at getting them in and out, and looking after them and we have a follow up appointment this afternoon. It really does make him look different not having his glasses but he is enjoying not having to worry about his glasses.

I have some relieving days booked in for next month and have a couple of applications in for part-time positions.

Lionel is still job hunting but has an interview next week, so we are hoping that this might be the one!!!

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