Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Already 9 days into March...

Rebecca is still cooking - steak wraps last night and chicken curry tonight!!!

I am really pleased everyone has cooking duties now as my life gets busier and busier. Today I had a day relief teaching and then had to rush down to the high school to pick Rebecca up and take her to the swimming pool (30minutes drive) where she had her first swim training session since arriving back in NZ. Rebecca swam really well, considering it is over 7 months since she last trained! Fortunately it was freestyle sets tonight and not butterfly!

I can tell it has been a busy couple of days by the pile of washing in the laundry, but at least I had time for a quick lux in the living room before going off to school this morning. Oh well, the course I was supposed to go on tomorrow isn't on so hopefully the sun will shine and the washing will dry outside on the line.

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