Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Wheel Bike Ride

Ready and waiting at the Start

This morning (Sunday) we took part in a local fundraising event for a Hospice here in Basingstoke. This is an annual event and we had heard that it was a great family bike ride.
There was three different circuits which you could take part in - 45 miles, 24 miles or 7 miles. We chose the the 7 mile circuit which took us out of Basingstoke along some country roads to a village called Oakley and then looping back into Basingstoke.
There were about 1500 people registered for the ride but most of them were doing the longer rides which left before us and so it wasn't crowded at all.

We were loaded up with water bottles and mini Mars Bars and headed off with quite a few other 'short circuit' bikers. Not far out of Basingstoke Rebecca was off and so Lionel went with her and Josh and I carried on at our own pace. At about the halfway point Josh and I stopped for a drink and Lionel came back to see how we were getting on - he decided to stay and bike with Josh and said that Rebecca wasn't too far ahead and so I went into top gear and took off to catch her up...I kept spotting Rebecca in the distance but it was only once we got back into Basingstoke and she was held up by a traffic light that I caught her!
We had a great morning out riding and everyone is very proud of their achievement!

Josh & Lionel along a country road Josh racing through Oakley