Monday, July 14, 2008

Rebecca's Busy Weekend

The Basingstoke Invitation 15 & under water polo tournament took place on Saturday afternoon at the Aquadrome. Basingstoke put in two teams and we fully expected Rebecca to be in the 'B' team since she is only 12 and has only been playing water polo for about 5 weeks. However, when we got there she was delighted to learn that she had been placed in the 'A' team! She really improved as the tournament went on (2 round robin games and a play off) and playing with the more experienced kids certainly helped her confidence, as they were always talking and telling her where to be in the pool. Basingstoke A finished the tournament with third placing (out of 6) and so it was very worthwhile and Rebecca had lots of fun.

Sunday night saw Rebecca head out for 'The Edge' youth group break up for the year. There were close to 70 kids there aged 11-18 and it sounds like there was lots of activity...The biggest bouncy castle in Hampshire, water pistols, Sing Star, air hockey, table tennis, pool, paddling pool and water pistols and a BBQ. That was the last night of youth group until September.

Things are starting to wind down now for the summer with most schools on holiday from this coming Friday and not back until the beginning of September.
The big talk over here seems to be how many people are cutting back on their summer holiday plans because of the thought of recession. Apparently not so many people are heading abroad for their holidays and are taking 'Britain' holidays instead. It would appear more people than usual are planning camping holidays as a less expensive option - as long as they don't all head to the Lake District!

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