Monday, July 7, 2008

Rebecca & Amanda in London

The girls have just had the weekend in London as part of Rebecca's birthday present. We took the train into London on Saturday and after checking in at the hotel we decided on a trip to Harrods... We saw only a small part of the store but what fun we had! It was the middle of Harrod's summer sale and so there were huge discounts, but we bypassed the clothing departments and went to the books, toys and sports departments. The toy department was amazing with a huge selection of all sorts of toys - as you can imagine the soft toy part was a huge temptation for Rebecca. There were Harrod's employees in the toy department demonstrating some of the toys and there were areas set up for kids to try out toys - you could spend all day there! We decided to buy some books and then head quickly for the exit. On our way out we went through the food halls - very hard to describe...much like a huge, exclusive street market. There was fresh meat with carcasses hanging, there was a fish department with a huge display of fresh fish (and it smelt like a fish market!) and best of all the chocolate department (very tempting)!

Following our afternoon at Harrod's we got our first ride in a black cab to the Hammersmith Apollo to watch 'High School Musical'. When booking the tickets I didn't realise it was the night of the London premiere and so we were surprised to see the red carpet out and heaps of photographers. There were lots of celebrities arriving with their children (but we didn't know any of them). We really enjoyed the show and it was great being in a huge theatre watching the live show - such a great atmosphere.

On Sunday we got the train back to Basingstoke and headed straight to church where they were having a BBQ lunch to welcome new people. This was great and we met some of the leaders of the church and got to know some others a bit better. Josh enjoyed helping his Sunday School teacher get the charcoal BBQ going and helped to get the burgers ready.

For those of you who watched the Wimbledon men's final you will know that our weather has taken a cooler, wetter turn and today is definately an inside day.

So, for those of you who want to hear some of the downers of our life...

# riding on the tube can be hot, noisy and smelly

# having an outside BBQ is proving impossible

# we miss the companionship of 'old' friends


Cindy Holden said...

come on!

U call those downers! I just got back from Fiji where I got vomited on while i slept, (from lady on bunk above me) where I got diarrhoea in the middle of a bush walk surrounded by men and no toilets, where I got home to four yes thats right FOUR job rejection letters!!!! - so next time you are feeling hot on the tube, have a good belly laugh and be glad people arent spewing pooing or kicking on you!!! And dont forget to pray for deborah shes in samoa now!

Graves Family said...

You know I am a 'glass half full' sort of person!! I will think of that comment next time I am on the tube and will laugh - will probably get some very strange looks!

Dean Comerford said...

Sad to hear you're not missing me - well you can't be, I'm not 'old'.