Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camping in Cumbria

We got back from camping yesterday and today we have been busy with loads of washing, scrubbing and drying dirty, wet tents, and scrubbing muddy gym shoes.

We had a wet week in the Lake District and the camp site became quite muddy in places - especially the path to the toilet block... In fact we had to buy a pair of wellies at the camp shop just so that we didn't disappear in the mud! I had wanted to write about how we had a week of glorious sunshine in the Lake District...nevermind. We did get some clear patches and we were able to bundle up in our jackets and get out and about (true Southlanders!) The only disappointing thing about the weather is that we weren't able to get into and onto the lake as much as we would have liked.

Our flash wellies that saved us from being covered in mud every time we trekked to the toilet!
Highlights of our time in the Lake District...

* having a climbing lesson at Keswick indoor climbing centre - Rebecca & Josh spent the afternoon climbing with Amanda belaying them.

* visiting the Rheged Centre and watching two IMAX films. The first film was about climbing Mt Everest and followed a team which included Tensing Norgay's son and they were on the mountain the same time that Rob Hall (NZer) died on Everest. The second film was about the Grand Canyon and we explored through the ages as people went down the river in canoes and also had film flying along the Grand Canyon - it was very impressive.

* Rebecca & Amanda went pony trekking on the fells.

* We went for a couple of good walks - one took us up a hill and gave us a great view along the lake (Ullswater). Then we saw the weather coming in and had to run down the hill - still managing to get quite wet!

We had a fantastic time and were pleased that the new tent stood up to the wind and rain of the Lake District - oh the joy of camping in England in Summer...

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