Friday, August 22, 2008

Rebecca's Watersports Camp

The first day that we arrived at camp we played some games and met people - later on we found out who was in our rooms. There were 4 people in each room and we were also split into groups for activities. I was in group 4 - 2 rooms of boys and 2 rooms of girls. The girls team leader was called Cat, the boys team leader was Matt. That night for tea we had a choice of fish cake (ew) or beef pie (ew) luckily there was some salad as well, for dessert we got a piece of fruit or orange segments & cream (really ew).
The next day we started our activities. In the morning we had windsurfing which was really cool, the instructors were called Chris & Dave and they were really good teachers. Everyone managed to stand up by the end of our session. In the afternoo0n we had our first sailing session - I didn't like sailing because it was very boring all you did was sit or capsize. Capsizing wasn't fun, but neither was sitting. I got hit on the head by the boom about ten times but that didn't matter too much cos we were wearing helmets. We got a cooked breakfast that morning, for lunch we got a sandwich, apple, packet of chips and a chocolate bar (that is what we had for lunch every day). For tea, after sailing, we had lasagne (fairly nice). We went to bed at 9.30 (the 12 & unders), the older kids got to go to bed at 10pm.
On Tuesday, in the morning, we were raft building and in the afternoon we went cata-canoeing - don't know what we had for tea that night.
We had to get up at 7.30 and on Wednesday we had archery in the morning which I was no good at but some of the boys were really good. In the afternoon we went kayaking on the river. Kayaking was really fun and at the end we had a big mud fight and got to go down the big mud slide. For tea that night we had jacket potatoes with cheese & baked beans.
Thursday was our last day and in the morning we went sailing for the last time and in the afternoon we we canoeing. That night we had our disco - there was a VIP area and to get in you had to have won the VIP points competition (our group won!) The music was really wicked it was loud and brilliant and everyone danced and there was lots of jumping. It was awesome. We got to go to bed late that night.
On Friday morning we came home. Windsurfing was my favourite activity.

from Rebecca

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