Friday, August 1, 2008


Lionel has 2 weeks holiday coming up and so we are looking forward to getting out and about with him. On Wednesday we head up to the Lake District where we will be camping at Ullswater for a week. We have bought ourselves a family tent to go along with the small tent which we shipped over from NZ, so we will have plenty of space. We are a bit short on the 'luxuries' of camping which we were starting to build up in NZ and we certainly will miss camping with friends (Mahenos and Comerfords!) however it will be great to get amongst the mountains and lakes. I say mountains but actually they don't even quite reach 1000m and so really just big hills...

We have a few days back home from camping and Rebecca heads away for 5days on a 'Watersports Plus' camp and so as you can imagine she is really excited about that! It is up on the River Severn (near Gloucester) and is run by the Youth Hostel Association.

Rebecca just gets home from camp (22 August) and we have a night in London before catching the Eurostar over to Paris for the weekend. It is a long weekend and Lionel gets the Monday off work and so we will make the most of that!

All in all the next few weeks sound very busy, but also very exciting!

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Jane said...

Thanks for keeping us all up to date of your happenings - really enjoy your blogs! Sounds like life is very busy for you as well as lots of fun. Enjoy!
Excuse my slackness in corresponding. Havent forgotten you guys!
Blessings to you all