Friday, July 10, 2009

2 weeks to go...

Wow...only 2 weeks until we leave Basingstoke! The reality is starting to hit and, although we are looking forward to our holiday on the continent and really looking forward to NZ, we realise what we are leaving behind.
Josh is really going to miss his best friend, Tom, and they both realised the other night how far away they are going to be...and will they ever see each other again. They will certainly keep in touch and I am friends with Tom's mum so that makes it easier to keep in contact (but harder to leave).
Rebecca has a multitude of friends she will miss, especially from swimming but also from church and school. It is going to be really hard for her to leave her best mate, Rachael, behind and I think that Rachael would happily hop into Rebecca's suitcase! Rebecca will continue to make good use of the computer with facebook and msn to keep in touch with everyone.
Lionel & I will miss the friendship of Trevor, Monica and the whole Evans family and we look forward to seeing them in NZ sometime soon!
Anyway, I might cry if I keep thinking about the good-byes so I will let you know what we are up to in the next 2 weeks...
Saturday 11/7 Lionel & Josh are going into London to go on the HMS Belfast and go to 'Transformers 2' at the IMAX theatre
Rebecca is going to Bekah's with some swimming friends for a girly night as a bit of a good-bye to Rebecca, and they are going to watch 'Mamma Mia' on DVD
Sunday 12/7 Lionel is taking Josh & 4 friends paintballing
Rebecca is going to Rachael's birthday party at Thorpe Park (theme park)
Saturday 18/7 Rebecca's farewell/birthday party - disco with 30 or so teenagers :)
Josh is staying the night at Tom's
Friday 24/7 Leave Basingstoke and stay in London for the weekend
Sunday 26/7 Go to 'Lion King' at the theatre
Monday 27/7 Get the ferry from Dover to Calais for our holiday before coming home

Of course there is also swimming, school etc to continue with during the week!
Josh had his school production (Robin Hood) this week - 2 matinees and 3 evening performances so it was full on!
Rebecca has her performance from 'Acting Academy' next week and she has a stressed teacher but I'm sure "it'll be right on the night".

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