Monday, July 20, 2009

Becca's Busy Social Life

Saturday 11 July

A girly afternoon/evening with some swimming friends at Bekah's.
* lots of food
* lots of sweets
* swimming at Tadley pool
* Mamma Mia dvd
* good friends....good fun

Sunday 12 July

Rachael's birthday party at Thorpe Park
*Saw roller coaster, based on the Saw movies
*Nemesis which we went on 5 times
*Colossus is a 10 loop roller coaster
*Tidal Wave which soaked us

Saturday 18 July

* 40 friends
* DJ
* disco lights
* bubbles
* balls
* pile ups on the couch
* dancing
* food
* yummy cake
Sunday 19 July
Last day at church and Pathfinders

Waterpolo game playing for the ladies against the under 19 men

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