Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boy's weekend

Josh and I went to London on Saturday (11 July) to go to HMS Belfast the last big gun ship still floating. The Belfast was launched in 1938 and helped sink the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst in 1943 and then continue to serve in the Royal Navy with occasional breaks right up to 1971.
Josh liked the guns, the Belfast has four Turrets with three 6inch guns in each and they look quite spacious on the inside until we read the caption that said 27 men worked in the turret when the ship was at action stations. They had static displays throughout the ship showing what life would have been like for different parts of the 800 crew as they went about their tasks. It was great to get on a warship and to see the size of cabins and other things and compare them to the visualisation I have had from books I have read.
Josh and I then walked along the Thames path along with hundreds of other people. Stopping for a bite to eat suddenly realising we were sitting on a concrete wall outside the Globe theatre our cultural moment for the day. We continued on past the National Theatre to go to BFI IMAX the biggest movie screen in Britain. This movie theatre whose screen is 6 times a normal screen being the largest piece of fabric in Britain as well and with a speaker the size of a car behind the screen. Both Josh and I loved it, watching Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. This was the second time for Josh and he summed it up by saying when we got home Bigger is better.
Sunday it was early birthday come farewell party for Josh. So with 4 of his friends we went Paintballing near Reading travelling in style by Executive transport. It was a great day or as Josh says extremely fun. We played four different games of paintball starting with protect the President, storm the castle, capture the flag and finally eliminate the opposition. It was very different to what we expected. We were split 3 & 3 between the green and brown teams, this made the teams about 20 a side. More people meant more action and we used about 2600 paintballs between the 6 of us.

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